The 3 Circles Method

3 circlesThe 3 Circles method is used in SAA (Sex Addicts Anonymous) to help create boundaries around unhealthy behaviours. In food addiction, you need to address any habits that cause harm to yourself, but stopping all eating won’t be the solution. Similarly with sex and porn addiction, the solution is not to close yourself off from your own sexuality, but to help identify unhealthy behaviors. We are sexual beings and we need a healthy balance of sexuality in our lives. This is one topic the 3 Circles aims to address.

SAA Three Circles / Wikipedia Three Circles

The theory works on three circles all nested inside one another. The Inner Circle comprises of all the habits that you and or your therapist feel are necessary to abstain from. The Middle Circle are things that might lead you to the Inner Circle habits. The Outer Circle are all the things you would like to integrate into your new life and keep you away from the Inner Circle.

The important thing to remember is that everybody’s Circles will look different, and it will also change over time as your recovery progresses.

Hope you all have a great day! 🙂

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