Porn Addiction Tools and Info

Your Brain On Porn – Evolution has not prepared your brain for today’s Internet porn
Gary Wilson’s “Your Brain in the Cybersex Jungle” Radio Show – Help recover from porn addiction through intimacy.
Your Brain On Porn Solo Tools
Riding the Wave: Using Mindfulness to Help Cope with Urges
Urge Surfing, a popular guided audio for getting over strong urges and cravings [MP3]
PMO Hack Book:

Porn Addiction Forms

Porn Addiction Discord server:
r/PornFree – Overcoming porn addiction one day at a time
r/pornfreewomen – This is a safe community for women who want to overcome their porn addiction or end porn usage.
Porn Addicts Info
Your Brain Rebalanced – Porn Addiction & ED

General Addiction Tools and Counseling

Dr. John Fitzgerald – Center For Addiction ManagementMBRP – Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention
Supernormal Stimuli reptile brain cartoon – Stuart McMillen comics


Get Motivated!
Get Disciplined!
Aww – The cutest things on the internet!
Motivational Pics
APOD – Astronomy Picture of the Day

For Partners of Sex and Porn Addicts

PoSARC – Partners of Sex Addicts Resource Center
S-Anon – Hope & Help for Family & Friends of Sexaholics