Female Faces and Smiling Faces

One thing that has been a sure craving buster for me since the very beginning is the power of a smiling face and female faces. For me and others in recovery, they can transform our feelings of lust and cravings into admiration, love, compassion, and caring. It’s been known to advertisers for a long time that a smiling face sells almost anything. That the Mona Lisa’s popularity is credited largely to her smile. And that generally people with a great smile radiate a warmth that draws others to them naturally. It’s also interesting to note that many men in recovery report noticing women’s faces more often now that they are porn-free.

Take a look at these videos of female faces. Just focus on the faces and relax, allow any positive emotions to well up while watching.

A great source of smiling faces is Google Image Search. Relax and focus on each face one at a time, holding for a few seconds on each. Letting each unique face sink into your consciousness, and allow any feelings of joy or happiness to come up.

Even if feelings of anger, hatred or resentment come up, that is OK. Be mindful and non-judgmental of these feelings, give them space to just be as they are and not feed into them.

Smiling Mothers
Smiling Man
Smiling Older Woman
Smiling Children Face
Smiling Woman


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