Respect Meditation

Some people who start out on this recovery process find that their mind exhibits an uncontrollable and unwelcome sexual over-objectification of women in the first few months. I’ve created the Respect Meditation in response to this. For those in the recovery process, it’s a normal experience, your mind is starting to regain sexual sensitivity after years or decades of consuming porn on a commercial scale. Basically, it still thinks it’s looking at porn everywhere you look, and will find almost anyone a sex-object. This meditation will transform your view of seeing women as pleasure objects to seeing women as full human beings with feelings and sensitivities.

How to Meditate

Get into a comfortable seated position in a quiet environment. Repeat these phrases silently, you may get a feeling of respect or reverence. If not that’s OK too, you can try bringing to mind someone you already respect and love, then repeat the phrases again. After a few minutes, simply sit with this feeling and enjoy it. If you find your concentration has wandered and you’ve lost the feeling, go back to the phrases.

You can switch the gender in the meditation to any you see fit for your recovery.

May I respect all women; Mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, grandmothers, and granddaughters. Friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and girlfriends.
They own their own body and I respect that.
I will not use them for my own personal gain or pleasure.
I cannot take what is not mine.
Women are human, just like me, with fears, joys, hopes, and dreams.
And I respect this.

Or a shorter version:

May I respect all women.
May I see them as human, like me.
They own their own body.
I cannot take what is not mine.

How Long to Practice?

Do this meditation for about 10-20 minutes a day, following a Mindfulness Meditation if you wish.