This website focuses on adult themes, mature audiences only. The focus of this site is to help support others recovering from addiction to pornography with mindfulness and compassion, taken from the wisdom of eastern philosophy and understanding of modern science. The advice on this blog is religion free and free to distribute with credit. For those who seek help I advocate a porn free life, however I do not advocate complete sexual abstinence.

I understand that addiction is a spectrum and that not everyone develops an unhealthy relationship with porn, many people use it with no consequences to their personal lives at all. This website is for those who are having direct or indirect adverse effects to their personal lives because of high-speed internet porn abuse. For those effected, the abuse has shown to ruin personal goals, careers, relationships, marriages, and families. Take this short quiz to find out if porn may be affecting your life negatively.

Look around, I hope you enjoy and find benefit from this site.

About the Author

Hi, I’m Di. With great patience, compassion, and mindfulness I have overcome my destructive behaviors surrounding porn and masturbation. Since early 2011 I have been involved in many recovery programs and support groups, and learned what has worked and what has not for me. I have an avid interest in mental and physical health, self-improvement, and eastern philosophy.