Compassion Meditation

This meditation is similar to the Loving-Kindness Meditation except that it focuses on self-compassion. What is compassion? Self-Compassion: An acceptance that you are suffering, coupled with a deep seeded authentic wish that your suffering is stopped. What flows from this mind of compassion is natural actions of self care and non-harming, combined with a joy and excitement that comes from engaging in actions that will result in your long term happiness and the removal of your suffering.

Lets not get ahead of ourselves just yet. This work may seem very difficult at first, especially if we have been habituated to berating ourselves and doing actions of self harmful. In Buddhist psychology, it is understood that our actions of body and speech come from our mind. So if we change our mind, we effectively change our actions.

You will notice a change in your attitude towards porn, not seeing it so much as an enemy, but simply as a ‘bad choice.’ Your actions will naturally reflect this by a new found ability to simply choose not to do it. Not avoiding it, and not craving it, a middle path.

How to Meditate:

Find a comfortable, quiet, and private place to sit, with your back reasonably straight and your feet on the floor.

I recommend 5 to 10 minutes of Mindfulness Meditation before engaging in the Compassion Meditation.

Once you have relaxed your mind, repeat these phrases slowly and silently to yourself, letting each one sink into your consciousness. Different feelings may come up, know that whatever you experience is OK at the early stages of practice. If you find that your concentration has wondered or you have lost the feeling of self-care, accept it and slowly come back to the Compassion Meditation. Continue in this way for 10 minutes.

I don’t want to suffer anymore.
I realize certain actions I do are harmful to myself.
I am worthy of caring and happiness.

I accept myself unconditionally,
I love myself unconditionally,
I forgive myself unconditionally,
under any circumstance.

Practice this meditation and our hearts and minds will grow strong, allowing us to accomplish what is needed when it’s needed.

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