I want to remember

Hey everyone. I’m revisiting my Trigger Corner idea, where I bring to you some of my 100+ triggers I have identified over the years using a simplified version of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It’s my intention to post a few from time to time. 🙂

Trigger Corner: I want to remember

Emotions: Curiosity, confusion, stress, anxiety, fear

Triggers or Thoughts:


  • “Why did I want to stop again? I want to check just to make sure I remember why I stopped, or what it was that I liked about it.”
  • “I just want to remember what it feels like.”
  • “I have forgotten what it’s like to view porn, so that means it’s OK to view porn again.”
  • “If I don’t look at porn right now I will forget that feeling forever.”

Main Trigger or Thought: “I’m starting to forget what it feels like to view porn, therefore, I need to look to remember.”

Alternative Thoughts:

  1. You’ve forgotten how it feels? That is actually a reason to celebrate! Yahoo! You are no longer under it’s spell. You’re regaining your sensitivity.
  2. Your curiosity may get the better of you, but be careful. You need to trust and be steadfast. You can’t let your guard down. You can’t forget the reason you quit in the first place. All the amazing doors that open to you when you are clean, all the amazing relationships that are 10x more satisfying.
  3. You’re not loosing anything by forgetting these feelings. Although at one time they gave you an exit, a soothing pacifier to your stress and pain, they are no longer a viable way for you to deal with these unpleasant aspects of life.
  4. Somethings are just not worth holding on to or remembering.

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