4 comments on ““The Secret of change is…”

  1. Hello! Just want to thank you for a very inspiring web page. Further i want to ask you if you feel a lot better after your nopmo- journey and what do you regard as the most dramatic change? Good luck with the fantastic inspiration you provide / Carl from Sweden

    • Thanks Carl 🙂

      Well truth be told I still struggle, but I’m much better then when I started my journey. I think the biggest difference is that my creative capacities have come back to me, my desire and enjoyment of creating. Through dance, drawing, painting, and of course writing. Quitting is what inspired me to start this website, I really didn’t know I enjoyed writing so much until I quit. Also my sensitivity to life has come back, much like when I was a teenager, everything is more ‘magical’ or inspiring. Thanks for your question Carl.

      Mindfully, D.

  2. Hello Dave,

    You really nailed it man! I am going to print all of your advice right now after writing this comment. I am going to read it everyday or as much as I can! I use porn filters but still I struggle with the cravings. Now I understand why I failed in rebooting. You have explained it very well! Good luck!

    • Wow thank you, also thank you for linking me on rebootnation.org, I really appreciate it! I wish you mindfulness in your recovery.

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