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Energetic Healing Practices

healing-handsThese meditations and practices are very powerful and have the potential to help manage cravings and increase general feelings of well-being. In essence they help reintegrating and redistributing your bodies energies evenly through-out the body, it has been of great benefit to me in my recovery.

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Compassion Meditation

This meditation is similar to the Loving-Kindness Meditation except that it focuses on self-compassion. What is compassion? Self-Compassion: An acceptance that you are suffering, coupled with a deep seeded authentic wish that your suffering is stopped. What flows from this mind of compassion is natural actions of self care and non-harming, combined with a joy and excitement that comes from engaging in actions that will result in your long term happiness and the removal of your suffering. Continue reading

Loving-kindness Meditation

flower_smallLoving-kindness meditation is the art of awakening the heart through intentions of goodwill and compassion, practiced for thousands of years by various Buddhist traditions. Today, modern science is now verifying it’s amazing ability for radical, positive transformation and healing. It will lead us to a deeper understanding of the causes of suffering and the causes of peace and contentment in our life. Leading us naturally to take up care and drop violence in our thoughts, speech, and actions.

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